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jQuery.ImgLoader has XHR2 feature now

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  • [ JavaScript ]

I just updated my library jQuery.ImgLoader.
It preloads imgs using XHR2, so now you can bind progress event to the loader.

Here’s the demo.

It’s easy to use progress event.

var loader = $.ImgLoader({
  srcs: [ 'img1.jpg', 'img2.jpg', 'img3.jpg', 'img4.jpg' ]
loader.on('progress', function(progressInfo){
  console.log(progressInfo.loadedRatio); // 0.45 woot!
loader.on('itemload', function($img){
loader.on('allload', function($img){
  alert('everything loaded!');

In the lib, it send XHR2 request before it creates img tag if the browser can use XHR2.